I have been involved in sport practically all my life and therefore sustained injuries from time to time.

Skitty is the best physio that I have encountered. I cant give a better recommendation than that!

I would recommend Skitty whole heartedly. He has a compassion and expertise well beyond his years and uses these to great effect.

Recently I was hampered by a knee injury and was very impressed with the treatment that I received. Within four visits the problem was identified and I was restored to full fitness via a variety of procedures.

My sister in law has been blighted with back problems for years. I have witnessed her transform in the space of only six weeks from a virtually housebound invalid to the freer, independent person of her former self. She can never be fully fixed, but with continued treatment I am confident that she will benefit even more from Chris’s knowledge and application of it.

Apart from everything else, he is a thoroughly nice lad!

I have been in football for many years and have worked with a lot of physiotherapists in that time and without doubt Chris is up there with the best I have worked with. His dedication to his job cannot be questioned and will do anything in his powers to be of help with any situation that arises.

He would be an asset to any team or company and you will not find a more hard working or more dedicated person anywhere. He is also a top person also and someone I regard as a friend.

I worked with Skitty for half a season at Shrewsbury and within that time I was blown away by his skills. In that time you could really see how hard he worked and how much pride he took in his profession, and the fitness and wellbeing of his players.

Nothing was too much effort for him and the little measures he took (protein flapjacks after games, acupuncture and massage) really made a difference.

I would often go and see him feeling stiff and worried about a niggling injury but due to his expert assessment, diagnosis and treatment I would find myself coming out feeling fit and positive. In a sport where small margins determine results this is a massive help.

I have had a chronic back condition for over forty years which has resulted in increasing discomfort and lack of mobility. Other physiotherapists have been unable to alleviate the symptoms, but since receiving treatment by Chris Skitt I have been able to obtain a substantial reduction in back pain and stiffness. In particular I am delighted that I can now sit in a chair in the evening whereas previously this was very uncomfortable and I often had to lie on the floor.

Chris is always very charming and professional, making me feel at ease during the treatment and the session are not uncomfortable or painful.

I am pleased to provide this recommendation for Chris and I hope that others will be able to gain similar relief.

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Skitt for the last 18 months at Shrewsbury Town football club. I have been a professional footballer now for 15 years and am extremely impressed with his knowledge and capabilities at such a young age. He is constantly learning and trying out new methods that I have not seen before in my career and he is always pushing for new equipment/ apparatus/ technology for the good of the team. 

Chris' prehab/ rehab is the best I have come across in my time in football with the attention to detail most impressive. 

He gels well with the team and has been a pleasure to have in the dressing room finding it easy to mix with all types of players.

I worked with Chris Skitt for a long period of time after tearing my cruciate ligament just over 2 years ago while at Shrewsbury Town FC. He's actually the one that broke the news to me about the extent of my injury after I'd had my scans. I was devastated but am happy to say that he stuck with me 100% and helped me non stop from that day forward.

As well as being a great guy it's easy to say he's a true professional that really knows his stuff. I was surprised when I not only received a rehab programme and regular treatment, but also dietary advice and 24hour help on speeding up fitness as well as injury recovery.

Since the injury I've had no recurring problems and am able to call Chris at anytime. Safe to say that without this guy I'm pretty sure my career would have been over by now.

True Ledge

We are proud to hold Chris within a ‘consultant physiotherapist ‘ capacity at Newtown AFC. His knowledge and expertise are invaluable to myself at the club in the diagnosis of persistent player injuries.  He has a unique approach to the treatment of many Muscular /Skeletal problems , and it is these concepts that I now try to follow myself . Not only do I see Chris as highly skilled Physiotherapist and Sports Scientist but also as a tutor and mentor.

Chris’s experience gained at Elite Football level also enables him to offer me guidance in the day to day running of  a ‘football medical department’, and it is from his model  I have tried to develop our own department ethos at Newtown Football Club.

During my time at Shrewsbury town fc, I was lucky to stay injury free for the time I was there so I didn’t have much time in the injury room, however I was always in the best hands if I needed treatment! Before I came to Shrewsbury I suffered from tight hamstrings the left one being the worse, I told Chris about this and he gave me a list of some exercises to do for them and also a lot of work into the muscle, within 2 or 3 months I had full range of movement in both hamstrings, I found this helped me a lot in my game!

Skitty (Chris) was always keen on core work to which I felt was a big thing for my game, it helped me stay strong, he had many different exercises for many parts of my core and after doing them for a while I felt the benefit, he also had us doing pilates twice a week, off his own back as he been on a course to learn different exercises, this was also good for my hamstrings. The lads always used to moan about pilates but deep down they knew if was for the best and helped us a lot.

Apart from his great knowledge as a Physio, he’s is a great lad and always has your best interests in mind, as is the first to try and solve a problem if you have one, even though his banter isn’t the best:) I would think he would get the same recognition if you asked anyone else who knew Chris as well.

Chris Skitt is a great physiotherapist. His knowledge of the body is very advanced and he thrives on knowing everything there is to know about a particular injury and if he is unsure is willing to go that extra mile to find out the missing answer. He is creative with his rehab work and works really hard on a one to one basis to get his players back on the pitch. He has added many ideas of his own to help the players with recovery after games ie home made protein bars.

  He is a very honest man who has gained the respect from all his players at Shrewsbury Town even those much older then him. He conducts himself very responsibly and always performs at a high level.

 I started my career at Leeds United and moved on to other squads in Denmark, Australian Olympic team, Tranmere, Shrewsbury and now Preston North End. I have worked with many physio's of a high standard including Dave Hancock (Former Leeds, Chelsea and England) and would have no problems putting Chris’s name forward for any job.

Having worked with Chris Skitt for around 18months at Shrewsbury i can testify his work is of a very high standard.Being a pro for 10 years I have worked with various physiotherapists, Chris however is by far the most thorough I have worked with.His attention to detail and constant pursuit of best practice makes you feel confident he will get you back to full fitness as quickly as possible.His treatment and rehabilitation is second to none.He also identifies your weaknesses and is able to give concise injury prevention work to help strengthen weak ares.I believe Chris played a major role in both mine and the teams success at Shrewsbury Town FC.

As a full time athlete, it is crucial that I get the best possible input for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Chris was highly recommended to me and he has helped me build the strong foundations that allow me to really push on with my training. Chris's programme of corrective movement patterns and muscle activation aids my training daily. His knowledge, expertise, and immense enthusiasm have been invaluable. Thanks Chris, for your continued support.

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